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RhinoShield Screen Protector For IPad Mini 4

RhinoShield Screen Protector For IPad Mini 4

Rhinoshield India

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RhinoShield Screen Protector For IPad Mini 4
₹ 2,499
Product Information
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      • Impact protection for your device's screen.

      • Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic technology

      • Slim profile with high transparency.

Product contents

The content will depend on which option you select:

      • RhinoShield Impact-Resistant Front Screen Protector

      • RhinoShield Transparent Back Skin 

      • RhinoShield Front Protector and Back Skin

Today's phones and tablets support modern glass screens which are fairly resistant to common scratches. Unfortunately, such protection does not extend to preventing shattering upon impact, which can render your device unusable. Our RhinoShield screen protectors are designed with this problem in mind and will help you prevent unhappy accidents.   

About the Transparent Skin for the back: It will help protect the back of your phone. Here is some more information about the product:

    • It is not the same material as the Front Protector

    • It has light Scratch Resistance Properties (not Scratch Proof)

    • It has Impact Resistance Properties

    • It is a one piece construction for the aluminium back (not the camera)

    • It fits perfectly with our bumper