Lab Spirit

Experiment Non-stopEvolve Non-stop

You may have seen it in popular videos: a group of mad scientists torturing a phone in every possible way, smashing, punching, riding over it with a scooter and even biting it. Fortunately, with ShockSpread™ material technology, no phone was harmed in experiments.

ShockSpread™ was born in the Cambridge University lab and is continuously evolving into different forms, rewriting the standards of protection for tech devices.

Non-toxic or scratch resistance? Thin and comfortable hand feel or strong impact absorption? Maximizing recycling efficiency or maintaining durability… Rather than compromising easily, our lab spirit is to persist in finding the best solution, even through failure.

Of course, ShockSpread™ is not indestructible, but you have to try very hard to hurt it. Feel free to experiment with RHINOSHIELD.

Innovated by ScientistsCreated for Every Artist

“Making functional products using a scientific approach and finishing it with an artistic touch.” More than a protective material, we believe ShockSpread™ can be a medium where artists can express their creativity.

At RHINOSHIELD, you can find accessories with artistic designs, natural landscapes, anime characters, or illustrations from around the world that resonate with you and express your personality.