All-Round Protection

Shielding your iPad from tough knocks and precipitous drops isn't easy, but the RHINOSHIELD iPad Case is all prepared for the task at hand. The design features a rugged hard back, surrounded by a soft bumper for impact absorption. In this way, our iPad Case prevents damage from shocks, and common mishaps like scratches, cracked screens, and shattered lenses.

  • Military Grade Toughness

    Join the elite ranks with our iPad Case. It has surpassed US military drop tests, surviving falls up to 4.9ft.

  • Snug fit, It's a Strong Suit

    With ShockSpread™ technology, it blends a lightweight feel with superb shock absorption, leaving no room for harm.

Multi-angle, Multi-mode, a Standing Ovation

Angle your iPad to ease your comfort. RHINOSHIELD's multi-angle stand will improve your posture with 5 stand modes. You can use the 20° angle for creative writing, 45° for gaming, 50° for binge-watching, 55° for video conferencing, and enjoy the rotated 45° view for reading. It's the ultimate tool for multitasking. Whatever you wish to do, the flexible stand has got your back.

Reimagine the Magic of Magnetism

Meet the detachable magnetic folio. With the magnetic cover detached, it provides a highly-flexible array of stand options. Meanwhile, the cover-less iPad is easier in the hand, using tablet mode. Put the cover back on for full protection.

Quick Release, In a Second

An iPad can be quite a weighty device to hold - even when the case is relatively light. However, RHINOSHIELD's detachable magnetic folio allows you to lighten the load, reducing the weight in hand in an instant.

Sleep and Wake, Naturally

When you open the cover your iPad wakes up, then goes back to sleep when it is closed. Our magnetic folio works with your iPad's smart wake / sleep functionality, naturally.

Your Apple Pencil's New Home

The dexterous Apple Pencil will feel at home with our iPad Case, too. Whether you own the first or second-gen Pencil, you can park it in the secure slot on the Apple Pencil holder. Now you know the Pencil will always be there, as a faithful creative partner.
  • Grab It with Ease

    Never get stuck. We've designed a quick-grab cutout for Apple Pencil which is ideal for fingers, large or small.
  • Always-On, Stay Connected

    Even with the case on, the magnetic charging and pairing between iPad and Apple Pencil remain unhindered.

Non-Toxic, Tempting to Touch

When using your iPad is a part of your daily routine, it is important for the case to be made wholly from non-toxic materials. That's why RHINOSHIELD is committed to keeping you safe from toxins, completely eliminating BPA, BPS, BPF, and other phthalates from our materials - to prevent harmful substances from touching your skin.

Protect Your iPad, And the Earth

Your new iPad Case will be made from 100% pollution-free materials, fabricated in line with the global recycling standard (GRS). The magnetic detachable folio also uses recycled materials to formulate its flexible, reprocessed PU leather form. Sustainability is part of our philosophy, and we welcome all to join the RHINOSHIELD circular ecosystem.


₹ 5,999