RHINOSHIELD patented exclusive material. 10 times stronger impact protection from drops.

The Impact Protection Screen Protector pushes the limits of our ShockSpread material. It absorbs and disperses energy from impacts, bringing screen protection to the next level. Fixing broken screens is expensive, get a high quality protector.

High Resistance. Won't Break Easily.

Made with flexible polymers, our screen protector doesn't lose shape from repeated bending and impacts. Its strong endurance protects it from getting crushed even when hit on the edges. No more replacing screen protectors.

Superior Impact Protection

Our ShockSpread material underwent countless hammer tests, and showed off its ability to resist over 3 times the impact force compared to unprotected phone screens. The screen protector also survived SGS' dropping test (with a 300g metal ball). Protect your phone screen effectively, it's time for an upgrade.

  • Exceeds military standards. Drop resistant, survived 11 feet / 3.5 meters tumble tests.

  • Protective honeycomb structure increases impact absorption by 10%

Easy to Install Precisely

Installing the screen protector is easy using the included alignment frame. Enjoy the smooth, zero-error experience.

*Alignment frame is only available for select iPhone models.

Superior Experience with More Options

₹ 1,999